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The Perfect Date Night in Denver

The dating scene has been entirely mixed up thanks to COVID. This not only applies to singles, but also dating and married couples. Everyone’s been stuck at home for way too long, so it’s important to plan a time to get out and experience new scenery (safety first, of course).

Take your night off to explore different areas of Denver so you can truly mix up conversation, your environment, and of course, try out new fun places! We’ve compiled a list of date night ideas in Denver based on your interests.

For The Foodie Couples

Traditionally, when you go out, you pick one restaurant to sit at for the entire night. Mix it up and choose a different location for drinks, appetizers, the main course, and desert! This gives you a chance to sample different restaurants, enjoy a change of scenery, and even amp up digestion between courses by walking around. We’ll start you off with an ideal lineup.

Drinks: Welton Room

This cocktail lounge is filled with dreamy drinks that are picture-perfect. Many are made with modern techniques like using liquid nitrogen. If you’re not big into cocktails, they also serve coffee. Due to COVID, you have to have a reservation- so make sure to call ahead.

Appetizers: Finn’s Manor

A vibrant environment to continue drinking with a food truck pod that provides different options for a quick bite to hold you over before the main meal.

Main Course: El Five

The views of downtown Denver paired with the artwork inside the restaurant alone are worth the trip to El Five. With an amazing Spanish and Eastern Mediterranean menu, your tastebuds will be thanking you.

Desert: Little Man Ice Cream

End your night in this quirky shop that serves exotic ice cream. You can’t miss it as the building is formed into a 28 ft tall cream can. All of their ingredients are sourced locally and their menu changes daily so there’s always a new flavor waiting to be tested. Be sure to bundle up because this stop is outside.

For The Adventurous Couples

Colorado is known to be the most active state in the nation! In summer months there are endless opportunities to adventure outside. Use the winter months to explore inside venues that offer similar thrills.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Whether you’re experienced or have never touched a rock before, indoor rock climbing can accommodate anyone. Denver Bouldering Club offers day passes making access for a date super easy.

Go Karts

Most people might think of go-karting as a kid activity. Now, go-karting facilities provide a fun environment to have a couple drinks, and drive more advanced adult-only courses. Get your fill of karting by visiting K-1 Speed, or Unser Karting & Events.

Plan a Picnic

Denver is home to some of the most beautiful parks: Washington Park. Sloan’s Lake Park, Confluence Park. Grab takeout from your favorite restaurant or pack the ingredients for a charcuterie board, enjoy the fresh air while getting to know your date. Make it more romantic by bringing along some flowers, a bottle of wine, and a blanket.

Oxotic Supercar Driving Experience

Driving the mountains of Denver provides incomparable scenery, what else could you want? What about driving those roads in an Aston Martin, Lamborghini, or McLaren? Oxotic provides supercars for you to drive and follow along on a tour through the Rocky Mountain roads and canyons.

Axe Throwing

A newer activity, axe throwing can be therapeutic for anyone who needs to let out some steam. It can also be fun to test out your accuracy and start a friendly competition. You can book a one or two hour session at Axe Whooping.

For The Trendy Couple

A great thing about Denver is there’s always something new to do. Whether it’s a pop-up museum, new food truck spot, or restaurant to try out, there are endless spots to test out the newest trends.

Happy Camper

This new venue serves pizza, booze, and even brunch. The area is complete with a fun outdoor patio giving you the perfect chance to cozy up with your date to stay nice and warm!

Selfie Museum

The name says it all, it’s the most Instagram-worthy museum! Be sure to have your camera ready for all the fun themes like a smiley-face room, wall of bubble-gum machines, and optical illusion rooms.


One thing Denver is not lacking is breweries! There’s essentially one on every corner. If you’re looking for something slightly different, try First Draft. Instead of relying on bartenders, pour your own drink whenever you’re ready.


Prohibition might be gone but the secret vibe of speakeasies are still around. Denver has more speakeasies than you’d think, but we don’t want to give them all away (trying to stay mysterious here). One of the better known speakeasies is Williams & Graham. A bookstore on the front, but once you walk through a swinging bookcase, you’ll find your way to an exclusive bar.

Whiskey Tasting

Whiskey can be an intimidating drink if it’s not on your usual lineup. What better way to see if you have the taste for it than to sample some. At Stranahan’s Whiskey you can choose from different tastings or tours like their American Single Malt Whiskey Tour, Mountain Angel 10-Year Old Guided Tasting, Original Whiskey Tasting, or you can even schedule a virtual cocktail class if you’d rather stay at home.

As always, stay safe and check into the hours of the featured venues as they’re subject to change. These are only a few ideas of all the wonderful things that Denver has to offer. Let us know in the comments how your dates go!